How to write the perfect audit CV, with template

David Tuohy 14.05.2018

View our latest tips on writing an audit CV.

Top tips for your audit CV

  • Keep your CV well structured with simple and consistent formatting.
  • Your CV is often the first contact a potential new employer will have with you, what message do you want your CV to say about you?
  • Below the bullet points outlining the description of your role insert a table that gives a summary of the types of clients you have audited and include a description of the assignment, industry sector, turnover and details of your role. This is a simple way to highlight the relevant work you have done to date. 
  • Do position your audit content strategically so the most important information is contained at the top where it is easy to read.
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to use keywords relevant to your field and job prospects that will make your audit CV stand out.

Skills for audit CV

  • Highlight whether your experience is SME, Multinational, Charity, FS or other.
  • It is also important to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively with your clients and deliver results on time. 

What should you not include in your audit CV

The profile summary can challenge people, and many of the one’s I read are clearly generic and copied from a Google search. Do not put a generic profile summary as the introduction to your CV - take the time to write a strong elevator pitch that captures what you are about and sets the tone for what the reader can expect to learn about you from reading your CV and when they meet you at interview. 

Final thoughts

Make sure you have a profile with a synopsis about your experience. Four to five lines is more than enough, then your education and your career history. 

Have your previous jobs listed in chronological order - starting with most recent experience and under each job, give the industry sector and bullet points of your duties and responsibilities.

Attached here is a template for a CV which I find is "almost perfect" audit jobs in Ireland.