Hot Jobs in IT for the festive season!!

Don't procrastinate this festive season

With Christmas fast approaching, many job seekers decide to postpone their job search until the New Year. Similarly, some employers choose to more
Winter job search

When's the best time in winter to look for a new job?

Continuing your job search in November and December can be a great decision and here are three reasons why… Less Competition Often people decide more
The job hunt roller coaster

How to cope with the stress of the job hunt

The search is a roller coaster of constant emotional highs and lows, the fear of the unknown is enough to make anyone feel frustrated, and more
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Searching for a new role in ERP Systems : Getting the basics right…

1. Ask yourself some basic questions: What type of company do I want to work for? Am I really willing to relocate for a job? What is motivating me more
Why you should take 10 minutes to meet with your recruiter

Job Searching in June

So is June the best time to be looking for a job? Well its fair to say there is really no right or wrong time - If recruitment closed down in more
Are you available immediately for work?

Are you available immediately for work?

As recruiters, one of the first questions that we ask candidates is if they are available immediately? A majority of candidates answer 'yes', but more
Brexit & Supply Chain: Winter 2016

New Start

It is however also a time when some will be considering a move of role and therefore this week I have decided to look at the case for leaving more
How to manage interview rejection

How to manage interview rejection

Numerous candidates are in the mix for a particular role and rejections are part of the job hunt these days; However remaining positive more
Why you should take 10 minutes to meet with your recruiter

Why you should take 10 minutes to meet with your recruiter

With the digital age transforming the job search for us all and as online talent platforms grow in scale, securing your new job will become more
How to make LinkedIn work for you

Searching for the perfect job – Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn

The potential is there, so make the most of it! LinkedIn is a key resource and its usefulness cannot be underestimated. It’s used by all employers, more