Andrew Connolly's picture
Associate Director | Dublin IT, Dublin
Bianca Santos's picture
Consultant | M3S, Cork, Cork
Carolina Cobo's picture
Associate Consultant | IT Recruitment., Dublin
Caroline O'Brien's picture
Manager | Senior IT Appointments & PMO , Dublin
Chris Hartnett's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Cork
Cormac Teevan's picture
Recruitment Consultant, Dublin
Dan Hoctor's picture
Recruitment Team Lead - Data Analytics and .NET, Cork
Dara Boland's picture
Client Associate Director | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Dominika Rozycka's picture
​Manager | IT | QA, Support & Infrastructure, Dublin
Ellen Walsh's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Cork
Evin Murray's picture
Talent Acquisition Consultant | M3S, Cork
Graham Keegan's picture
Associate Director | Technology, Dublin
Graham O'Sullivan's picture
Account Manager, Cork
Jack Cotter's picture
Account Manager , Cork
Jordan Rowland's picture
Team Lead | Technology | Projects, Transformation and Consulting, Dublin
Kate Maher's picture
Senior Consultant , Dublin
Keith O'Loughlin's picture
Contract Team Lead | Technology | Java, Dublin
Kelsey Hoare's picture
Recruitment Consultant, Cork
Kevin Armstrong's picture
Recruitment Consultant - IT, Dublin
Kimberely Tompkins's picture
Senior Consultant | Remote Delivery, Cork , Cork
Lifen Tan's picture
Recruitment Consultant - Technology, Dublin
Lisa Lawlor's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Cork
Louise O'Neill's picture
Senior Consultant | IT Infrastructure and Support, Cork
Marcus McAllister's picture
Senior Consultant | IT, Dublin
Marguerite Maher's picture
Team Lead - IT Consultant, Cork
Mark Campbell's picture
Consultant | Technology, Dublin
Michelle Grant's picture
Senior Consultant | IT Recruitment, Cork
Olivia Galvin's picture
Operations Director, Dublin
Paul Grant's picture
Consultant | IT | QA, Software Testing, Dublin
Ronan McConville's picture
Senior Consultant | User Experience & Design Recruitment, Dublin, Dublin
Sarah Walsh's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Cork
Sasha Bikova's picture
Consultant | IT, Dublin
Sean Tynan's picture
Associate Consultant, Cork
Siobhain Rushe's picture
Team Lead | Java / Mobile / Scala / Python/ C++ / Javascript, Dublin
Stephanie Cullen's picture
Technology Consultant , Dublin
Stephen Nagle's picture
Consultant | Technology | Projects, Transformation and Consulting (PTC), Dublin
Stephen O'Brien's picture
Director, Cork
Tracy Parker's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Vincent O'Regan's picture
Consultant, Remote Delivery, Cork , Cork