Meet the Recruitment Consultants

Adam Kelly's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment, Dublin
Aileen McCarney's picture
Director | Accounting & Finance | La Creme Office Support, Dublin
Aisling Fitzpatrick's picture
Service Delivery Consultant, Dublin
Andrew Connolly's picture
Associate Director | Dublin IT, Dublin
Ann O'Mahony's picture
Operations Director, Dublin
Anna Maher's picture
Senior HR Administrator, Dublin
Anna McDonnell's picture
Associate Consultant | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Aoife Hynes's picture
Team Lead | Supply Chain & Procurement , Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford
Autumn O'Connell's picture
Recruitment Consultant , Dublin
Ben O'Sullivan's picture
Operations Manager - Managed Services, Cork, Dublin
Bernardo Pina's picture
Principal Consultant, Dublin
Carolina Cobo's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Christopher Hanley's picture
Senior Consultant | Funds & Asset Management, Dublin
Conall Seoige's picture
Consultant | Project, Transformation and Consulting, Dublin
Conor McNulty's picture
Consultant | Supply Chain Recruitment, Cork, Dublin, Limerick
Conor Nolan's picture
Senior Consultant | Tax & Practice Recruitment, Dublin
Dara Boland's picture
Client Associate Director | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Darragh McCarthy's picture
Associate Director, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford
David Cooney's picture
Director, Dublin
David Murphy's picture
Consultant | R&D and Design | Nationwide, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford
David Phelan's picture
Practice Leader, Dublin
Deborah Hall's picture
Manager, Dublin
Deirdre O'Dowd's picture
Senior Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment, Dublin
Devinna O'Mahony's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Eleanor Collins's picture
National Manager Engineering, Senior Appointments, Cork, Dublin, Limerick
Eva Kelly's picture
Associate Consultant, Dublin
Ewelina Kaczmarek's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Fay Allen's picture


Talent Acquisition Specialist , Dublin
Fearga Walsh's picture
Team Lead | HR, Dublin
Fergal McPhillips's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance - Financial Services , Dublin
Fiona Richardson's picture
Associate Director | Accounting, Finance & Legal, Dublin
Graham Keegan's picture
Associate Director | Technology, Dublin
Helen Gallagher's picture
Global Head of HR, Dublin
Iris Semper Franch's picture
Associate Consultant, Dublin
Jack McCarthy's picture
Consultant | Funds and Asset Management, Dublin
Jack O'Connell's picture
Consultant | Supply Chain | Logistics, Transport and Warehouse Recruitment | National , Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford
Jaclyn Doyle's picture
Consultant Recruitment, Dublin
James Gallagher's picture
Practice Leader, Dublin
Jane Hassett's picture
Associate Director, Dublin
Jay Davitt's picture
Manager | Accountancy & Finance , Dublin
JJ O'Connor's picture
Associate Consultant | Projects, Transformation and Consulting Recruitment, Dublin
John Cronin's picture
Senior Consultant | Legal Recruitment, Dublin
John Fagan's picture
Team Leader, Dublin
Jordan Rowland's picture
Team Lead | Technology | Projects, Transformation and Consulting, Dublin
Julianne Fogarty's picture
Consultant | Banking & Insurance, Financial Services Recruitment, Dublin
Karine Vatuska's picture
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dublin
Keith O'Loughlin's picture
Contract Team Lead | Technology | Java, Dublin
Kerri Masterson's picture
Programme Manager | M3S, Dublin
Kevin Armstrong's picture
Recruitment Consultant - IT, Dublin
Lauren Gilmore's picture
Senior Consultant, Dublin
Leanne Barrett's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance, Dublin
Lifen Tan's picture
Senior Consultant - Technology | Cyber Security , Dublin
Marcus McAllister's picture
Senior Consultant | IT, Dublin
Maria Suasti's picture
Recruitment Consultant | HR Recruitment, Dublin
Mark Campbell's picture
Consultant | Technology, Dublin
Marsha McGroarty's picture
Consultant | Supply Chain Recruitment, Dublin
Megan McCormack's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Michaela Morrissey's picture
Senior Consultant | Supply Chain | Production, Operations, Lean Recruitment, Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford
Michelle Donohoe's picture
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dublin
Nathan Shine's picture
Principal Consultant | Banking & Financial Services Recruitment., Dublin
Niall Kane's picture
HR Administrator, Dublin
Norrie Fitzgerald's picture
Director Morgan McKinley Health, Cork, Dublin
Olivia Beshoff's picture
Consultant | Technology | Mobile Development , Dublin
Ollie McCormack's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Orla Donovan's picture
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dublin
Paul Grant's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Pei Yu's picture
Consultant, Dublin
Ronan McConville's picture
Team Leader, Dublin
Samuel Hendry's picture
Director | Financial Services Recruitment, Dublin
Sarah Finlay's picture
Senior Consultant Recruitment, Dublin
Sasha Bikova's picture
Consultant | IT, Dublin
Sharon Thunder's picture
Team Leader, Dublin
Simon Ganter's picture
Practice Leader, Dublin
Siobhain Rushe's picture
Manager - Software Development/UX Design , Dublin
Stephanie Cullen's picture
Technology Consultant | .NET Contract , Dublin
Stephen Nagle's picture
Senior Consultant | Technology | Projects, Transformation and Consulting (PTC), Dublin
Susan Nix's picture
Client Associate Director | Financial Services Recruitment, Dublin
Tara Doran's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment, Dublin
Tracy Parker's picture
Consultant | IT Recruitment, Dublin
Trayc Keevans's picture
Global FDI Director, Dublin
Turlough Considine's picture
Consultant | Accounting & Finance, Dublin