Your financial services CV in six seconds: write it like a Christmas list

Deborah Hall 30.11.2017

Your financial services CV is like a Christmas list; if you've the skills required here's two simple very steps to get your new financial services present.

As the time for Christmas shopping comes upon us, we are all welcomed into shops by colourful windows, Christmas music and cheery sales assistants, but how many of us have spent three seconds in a shop before realising it’s not the place to check off your Christmas list?

We make decisions based on first impressions; recruiters and hiring managers do this too. Research by The Ladders has shown that recruiters take an average of six seconds to ascertain if you are the right person for their job. 

Make a list

When writing my letter to Santa, he was lucky enough to get a numbered list of all the presents I would like to find under the tree! Your CV is no different, if you want a new job for the new year, be clear and match your CV to the job description to ensure you get past this six second window. A recruiter gets hundreds of CV’s every week – make yours worth spending time on. For example:

Job description

  • Minimum of 3 years' commercial banking experience
  • Experience in commercial recovery and insolvency 
  • QFA qualification essential

Your CV

  • QFA qualified banking professional with 4 years' experience in commercial insolvency and recovery, specialising in Agri and Commercial Property


The devil's in the detail

When sitting on Santa’s knee I remember being at pains to describe the outfits I wanted for my Barbies! Now that you have the opening and structure of your CV in place, make sure that it tells the employer just why you are suitable for a job.  Like my numbered list, detail is key. Make sure to cover the important points without making your CV too long, short concise points are best so that the reader can scan the information.
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Merry Christmas !
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