Is your candidate experience affecting your employer brand?

April Fenton 20.03.2014

Billions of euros are spent every year in corporate marketing and advertising across the globe. How many corporates pay even a fraction of this attention to their employer brand?

 An employer brand denotes 'an organisation's reputation as an employer'. Companies need to consider how they are perceived not just by current employees, but by perspective ones too.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the candidate experience throughout the recruitment process is below par. This is feedback which we receive on a regular basis from frustrated job seekers. Poor communication and feedback is the number one issue that we encounter when talking to candidates about their job search.

Before most candidates apply for a job they go through considerable preparation. They carefully read the job description, take the time to consider their suitability for the role, research the company, tailor their CV and write an appropriate cover letter. And their reward? It is often complete silence! Complete silence, especially after an interview can turn even the most patient individual into a bitter person. You can guarantee that over time they will discuss their experience and dissatisfaction with at least ten people either in a professional capacity or over drinks in the local. Employers need to limit this brand damage.

Here are a few simple tips for companies to consider to improve the overall candidate experience you give: 

  • Go through the process yourself what average overall rating would you give? Or even better, engage in a mystery candidate to go through the process and give feedback on the results.
  • An automated reply is better than no reply but try to inject a personal touch.
  • Ask your candidates for real time feedback about their experience and listen to it.
  • Don’t undo all your great marketing by lack of communication - have clear communication methods, processes and feedback.
  • If using an agency, communicate with your recruitment consultant - they are representing your brand.
  • Respect the time the candidate is giving to this process, even though you yourself may be snowed under with work. Companies need to have open communication channels.
  • Remember the candidate experience lasts from the CV submission through to a new employees first day, so have a process in place to make sure that candidate will refer others to your business.


To have a strong employment brand provides a company or organisation with more bargaining power, as employees will want to work for them more than anyone else, even those that have rare or most in demand skills, irrespective of salary levels.

We are seeing a trend again towards a candidate-driven market. Our top candidates have plenty of work choices and are savvy when making them. The reality is that one of the deciding factors is how the company makes them feel throughout the process. Consider going above and beyond!

Imagine the goodwill a thank you email, after every interview would create with a candidate, especially when no one else is doing it!

By focusing awareness on your candidate experience, you can make their job search a more positive and enjoyable one, contribute towards a better employer brand, and ultimately attract and retain the best talent for your business.

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Client Solutions Manager