You Are In Control - Managing Your Email Inbox

Michelle Donohoe 28.08.2015

Working in the world of recruitment can be described as extremely fast paced, working to deadlines, targets and a lot of administration. To work effectively in this type of environment you need to prioritize your day – make a list each morning and work your way through it.

One thing that never seems to be on the list though is managing your emails.

At least one quarter of your working day is spent answering and reading your emails. Therefore it is vital to manage your inbox properly to effectively work through your day.

1. Time

Schedule specific times throughout the day for checking your email. Even scheduling a block time in your calendar at certain times each day will help you with getting into a routine. I would suggest checking your emails 4-5 times a day would suffice. The more you check your emails, the more you spend not making calls and sourcing candidates.

2. Action

I would suggest to action an email as soon as you have read it. I am sure we are all guilty of reading an email and marking it as unread again. Making quick decisions and taking immediate action will help keep your inbox under control. You will spend less time responding to an email straight away than you will reading the email, marking as unread again and thinking about the amount of emails that are building up. Having this email load can be very distracting and can affect your work productivity.

Don’t let important emails sit in your inbox for days. Unless you are out of the office, respond within 48 hours. To help you determine what emails need to be actioned browse your email for promotional or spam emails and delete or archive any email that does not need a response.

3. Organise

Another key element to keep on top of your email inbox is to organise your inbox. While a lot of emails can be deleted or archived straight away you may want to store an important email that you can refer to at a later stage. I would suggest creating folders and labels - Creating folders to help you manage internal and external emails is an effective way to organise your inbox. 

That way once an email has been actioned you can store it for future references. This will avoid wasting time searching for an email.

4. Unsubscribe

Newsletters and advertisements can fill your inbox quite quickly and could make you miss important messages. Make sure to clean out any clutter.  Unsubscribe from receiving messages/advertisements/ promotional emails that you no longer want to receive or never actually even read.  To make the unsubscribe process quick and painless, search your inbox for the term “unsubscribe." Review the search results and determine whose emails you would continue to welcome and the emails you would be happy to live without.

With this few simple steps your email inbox and mind will be clearer and help you work productively and get the most out of your working day!

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