Gerry Hussey on humanity and performance

Ann O'Mahony 05.10.2016

"World of Business and Sport Collide" - Gerry Hussey's Talk on Humanity and PerformanceGerry Hussey spoke at Morgan McKinley's Performance Series event, World of Business and Sport Collide, in Cork recently. 

In his role as a performance consultant, Gerry has coached elite athletes for Olympic Games, Heineken Cups, European and World Championships. He brings an unrivaled wealth of honesty, experience and infectious passion to his work from golf to sailing and Olympic boxing to corporate coaching.
The central premise to Gerry's approach is his firmly held belief that unlocking our potential begins with valuing, nurturing and developing our humanity.  He opened the session asking people to remove their shoes, swap places with somebody, take their shoes and think about what you would do differently if you were walking in different shoes.
Gerry believes we were all born with the ability to be the best and it is only our own internal dialogue that gets in the way of being the best.  When a baby looks in the mirror for the first time his reactions are surprise, delight, laughter and intrigue.  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt any of those things?  Generally the internal dialogue leads us down the path of, "I look terrible", "I must lose some weight", "I hate how I look."  Why do we allow ourselves to speak to our internal selves like this?
We were born to be world changers and self-defeating thoughts get in the way – they are the obstacles in our path.   He asked the audience to imagine waking up in the morning and feeling happy, walking through the day feeling happy, going to sleep feeling happy.  Would you want anything else?  
Typically we can expect to live for 900 months, 300 of those months are spent working, 300 are spend sleeping.  How are/will you be using the other 300 months if you are lucky enough to get all of them?

We are human beings - not humans becoming...

We are overfed and undernourished.  If the relationship I have with myself does not nourish me I need to look long and hard at myself and find a way of nourishing the soul.  

And his final message?
This is your life, this is your performance, this is your World Cup, this is your Champions League - you were born to be happy.  

Take the time each day, each week to be mindful and playful - really playful.  If meditation isn't your thing, bounce a tennis ball for five minutes, a week later add another tennis ball and a week later again add another one - you won't be thinking about anything else except the bouncing ball and having a laugh!
Powerful stuff! 

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