Richard Branson's six tips for achieving a better work-life balance

David Cooney 30.11.2017

If you're looking to improve your own work-life balance, who better to look to than entrepreneur and business magnate Richard Branson for advice?

The incomparable Sir Richard Branson outlines his 6 tips for achieving this balance:

1. Rise early

This enables you to address the most challenging tasks when you’re most productive.



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2. Limit screen time

Social media can become a distraction to productivity rather than a fun way to communicate.

3. Write lists

Scribbles or scrawl for ideas or try list-ticking; find what works for you.

4. Make time for sports

It's proven that exercise increases focus and concentration and improves sleep quality.

5. Make time for a loved one

Branson advises spending time with a loved one to remind you why you do what you do. Chats with close family can help clarify thought processes.


With my son @bransonsam and grandson Bluey

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6. Embrace something new

He aims to achieve a new experience each day, and views life as one long educational experience.

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