Is a work life balance really possible in today's working world?

Niamh McCarthy 21.05.2012

Recently, I have received requests from job seekers trying to find a work life balance. I don’t disagree with their requests but it is rarely one that can be expressed as it can be viewed negatively. Nowadays more and more companies are looking for a flexible workforce for new projects often requiring travel.

How can companies possibly offer a work life balance with so much going on?

We are experiencing a global talent shortage and key talent are often looking for that innovative company that offers more and provides a work life balance. How can companies match this desire and still perform successfully? Many professionals who began their careers overseas often look to return home for a lifestyle shift and the elusive work life balance position. More professionals are looking for flexi-time or even job sharing or part-time positions. With such requests and challenging market conditions, is a work life balance really possible?
One innovative company to buck the trend is Red Frog events who give its employees unlimited vacation days. What a great but ludicrous idea, how could it possibly be managed? However, Red Frog said the vacation policy is not abused “simply make sure your work is complete, and that's it, no questions asked”. Find out more here unlimited vacation days.
I can’t see this trend catching on but companies such as Google and Facebook are offering more lifestyle benefits which create a loyal workforce and provide a work life balance. At Morgan McKinley we hold a well-being week each year. It definitely aids in the crusade for a work life balance. Companies don’t always need to make dramatic changes. Even if only small changes are made, such as offering time management programs or gym membership, it is definitely appreciated by employees.
Professionals are realistic, they know it’s all hands on deck when a deadline needs to be met and when there is some work life balance post deadline employees feel rewarded for a job well done.
Do you have a work life balance? How important is it to you?
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Associate Director - Accounting & Finance division