Winter is Coming … How to Survive!!

Sarah Walsh 12.09.2017

The holidays are over and the nights are getting darker and Winter is almost here and not just for King’s Landing.

For many of us in the work place September is the busy season. We’re catching up on things that we may have let slide when the sunshine was calling while our managers want us to plan for Q4. 
At this time of year recruitment is particularly busy; September is always one of the busiest months for interviewing.  Consequently, a Recruitment Consultant’s time is stretched and it can seem like you don’t have time to come up for air.   If you can keep on top of things and get over the busy season the payoffs can be great, but how to get there in one piece?
I have some tips that have helped me not only survive but thrive through these busy periods. These can apply to any industry or role like Recruitment Consultant, Project Manager, Tech Support, Administrator, Accountant, Sales etc.

1. To Do Lists… 

This is my life saver. Each morning I write out a to do list, prioritise my activities and block out time for my tasks.  Where you have a busy workload, it can be very hard to decide where to start and you’ll end up losing time procrastinating. I find having to-do clears the clutter and allows me to focus. 

2. Turn off email… 

I fully admit I am that type of person who checks my email every 5 minutes. In my game, it can be essential where there is pressure to be first to market. However, I have learned this can sometimes be to my detriment and I can lose valuable time. Now when I am working on a project I block out an hour to give it my full focus, put on my out of office and switch of the email.  

3. Recharge your batteries

“ All work and no play” will not just make Jack a dull boy as the proverb says but will wear you out, drain your brain and affect the overall quality of your work.  Take a small break between tasks go get a cup of tea or have a quick chat with a colleague to clear your mind and destress. 

4. Don’t over commit 

Set realistic expectations for yourself, don’t over commit and under deliver. Communication is key, advise where there will be delays or push back were unrealistic timelines have been sent. 

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

We have a great team here on the IT Desk in Cork and I know there is assistance when I need it. Asking for help is not a bad thing but common sense, it can be tough but the result if you don’t may be leaving down a client. 
If these tips don’t help you thrive in your role and you don’t have the support from your organisation to get you through the busy period it may point to a bigger issue. It’s time to consider if you are in the right role or company for you. Talking with a Specialist Recruitment Consultant can open your eyes to the different options that are out there for you. Don’t allow yourself to get into a rut. Take that leap the jobs market is very strong and the perfect role for you may be just around the corner. 
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