Why use Morgan McKinley – why use and agencies at all?

Dominika Rozycka 22.02.2017

As a multilingual recruiter, it is my job to help people find the right job and, usually, then relocate to Ireland on a daily basis. By now I am an expert on the process or at the very least can point you in the right direction.

Morgan McKinley works with clients up and down the country – the multilingual team recruit at a national level so if Dublin is not for you, then we can help you find a new job in Cork, Galway, Limerick or even Mullingar! We know our clients and what they are looking for, we know their environment and whether or not you will enjoy working with them – we are matchmakers after all!

We can offer you CV advice to ensure you’re highlighting your skills and abilities to your future employer. 

Simple advice like:

  • In Ireland we do not include a photo
  • Always do a spell check
  • What formatting you should use
  • What is relevant to the role?
  • What will catch the clients’ eye?


Once you are happy with your CV we will send through your application. At this stage we can start focusing on what it all comes down to – the interview.

Check out our Career Ally Hub for some great tips and advice that you will find useful no matter what stage of your career you are at.

We know who is hiring. Companies often don’t advertise opportunities and prefer to use agencies so they are not inundated with applications. They prefer to leave it with an agency they know and trust so they can interview our shortlisted candidates that we feel have what they are looking for.

Above all else, we are familiar with our clients’ interview process so we can advise you on what to expect – What questions they will ask you, who are they, what you should prepare for and do some research on, what you should wear, when you will hear back from them etc.

When the interview is over and you finally get the offer that you have been hoping for and all the excitement of accepting your new job subsides we will step in again to help you make the move to Ireland.

We can provide you with information to make the process a little less stressful than it needs to be. Some companies do offer relocation assistance but a lot of them don’t. Firstly, you will need to book your flight and find accommodation – the multilingual team have all been through a relocation process so we can offer you a personal insight.

If you have not worked in Ireland before you will need to get a PPS number, and set up a bank account before starting your new job. You will need to figure out the public transport and what route you will be taking to work. We will help you organise these necessary bits so you can start having the craic and exploring the country you came to see. While you wait for your first pay cheque to come through, make sure you avail of the free Wi-Fi on public transport.

At Morgan McKinley, we #gobeyond in every way, including going beyond for you, our candidates. If you are thinking about your next career move and are interested in moving to Ireland, why not get in touch. It could be the start of your new beginning.

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