Why should I hire a temporary employee?

David Foley 19.05.2017

Considering hiring a "temp"? Here are the key benefits or hiring a "temp" and how Morgan McKinley can assist you with the process.

There are many benefits of employing a temporary employee and more and more companies are taking advantage of this option. The most common industries where you will find “temps” are Finance, IT and Office Administration but this is becoming as ever growing area. 

I specialise in Financial Services and I have a number of clients who opt for a temporary hire over a permanent one. Why? What are the benefits of this? As an employer, why would I hire a “temp”? 

1. Efficiency

If you have an unexpected or unplanned vacancy in your business you can simply pick up the phone and call Morgan McKinley who can have someone in your office tomorrow morning to take control of the open role. Finding someone permanent could take weeks or months which is time consuming, stressful and costly to your business.

2. No Risk

Hiring a permanent employee comes with risks. Most companies have experienced the repercussions of a bad hire. If you hire a temporary employee, this removes the risk as you have flexibility of finishing a contract early or extending as needed. 

3. Cost Effective

You’re saving the costs involved in advertising, recruiting, hiring, training and providing full time benefits to a permanent employee. If a permanent hire doesn’t work out then you are back to the drawing board and have to pay all over again!

4. Test Drive

A “temp” doesn’t have to stay as a “temp”. If you take on a temporary employee and they prove to be a capable asset to your company, you can opt to make that person a permanent employee at any stage. This works to your advantage as you can use the temporary option to have a person show that they are capable of performing the role before you commit to making that person a permanent employee of your company.

The benefits of Morgan McKinley providing a temporary staffing solution to your business:

•  You only pay for the actual hours worked
•  We pay the candidate through our payroll and we manage the holiday pay, bank holiday pay, PRSI
•  No additional hidden costs – the hourly rate is all inclusive of candidate hourly rate, holiday pay, bank holiday pay, employers PRSI, payroll administration charges and margin
•  Temporary staff will not be included in your permanent headcount
•  We deal with all payroll related queries including setting up bank accounts, tax queries and payroll administration, e.g. issuing P45’s and P60’s 
•  You are under no obligation to keep any candidate if for whatever reason they are not working out or if the workload is slowing down. Candidates on agency books only require one week’s notice
•  Morgan McKinley will endeavour to replace the temporary staff member at short notice if necessary
Still not sure? All Morgan McKinley temps are fully compliant and reference checked.

For more information or if you are interested in hiring a temporary worker, please contact David Foley via the details below.

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