Why Hire Contractors?

Lisa O Riordan 17.10.2018

Considering hiring a ‘temp’ or ‘contractor’ for your business? Not sure? There are many benefits of taking on a temporary worker.

First things first - what’s the difference?

The term ‘Temporary staff’ is often used interchangeably to cover both Temps and Contractors.  A Temporary Worker, or a ‘temp’ is a worker employed for a short-term assignment via an agency such as ourselves here at Morgan McKinley. They are paid by us and we manage their pay, holiday pay, taxes and paperwork. The length of the assignment can be changed, and often at short notice, meaning the assignment could run from a single day to even a year or so. 

A Contractor is technically self-employed. When hired through an agency such as ourselves, all payroll demands and costs are managed by us, rather than your finance department.  Typically, contractor assignments are longer than a temp would have, and can be on an hourly or daily rate. Contractors are often a great choice for projects or in particular industries such as IT, Finance and Engineering.

Don’t want to have to deal with agency candidates?

Employers are often put off at the thought of managing a candidate through an agency, whether it be due to fears of the wrong hire or uncertainty around having a third party to manage. All too often agencies focus on filling a role quickly rather than filling the role well. Here at Morgan McKinley we like to do things differently. Our Contractor Experience team will manage the journey for you and your Temp/Contractor. We have a dedicated team of Contractor Experience Specialists who will manage everything from Onboarding to Offboarding, and all that’s in-between. 

Learn more about the benefits of temporary staff below...

What are the benefits of temporary staff?

Looking to explore your contracting options?

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