Why contractors love contracting (and you should too)

Stephen O'Brien 07.07.2015

As someone who has previously worked as a temp employee, I know all about submitting weekly timesheets and that feeling of never being able to take holidays because it’s a day less on your paycheck. What I also know is how incredibly hard I worked to show my managers that I wasn’t just a quick fix. I was an asset to their team.

Sure enough I got offered two permanent jobs from two contract positions that were only meant to last a few weeks. It’s not about taking a risk; it’s about whether you can seize an opportunity that could change what you value in your work such as job satisfaction, independance, attitude towards your job, environment, autonomy etc  .

From my experience these are the reasons I believe contract/temp jobs can be a game-changer to your career:

  • Try before you buy - a trial period allows you to test the water before committing to the company long-term
  • Get a global brand on your CV
  • Temporary/Contract jobs are almost like a working interview. Put the head down and go beyond your manager's expectations.
  • Possibility of contract extensions/renewal or permanent job offer
  • Keep your skill-set fresh and current by experiencing how different companies apply their approach to your profession
  • Trying out different working environments/industries/teams/management style teaches you to become more adaptable and flexible
  • Now is the time to try out a contract with so many job opportunities out there
  • Money, money, money - contingency workers get paid for every hour they work including shift allowance for any overtime accrued


In times of recession, cntract workers are a means for companies to increase their productivity and output, thus increase their revenue. The more successful a business becomes, the more it can spend on permanent headcount. For now contracts positions are only what these companies can offer, but it is up to you what you make of that opportunity.  

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