Where is IT happening in Ireland? [video]

Stephen O'Brien 10.08.2011

According to Enterprise Ireland, the Irish software sector is rapidly expanding, growing by almost 10% in the last year alone. To sustain this growth and meet demand, more than 600 companies in Ireland are currently hiring. This is mirrored in our business activity in Ireland.

In the first half of this year, Morgan McKinley successfully placed over 250 IT professionals in jobs across Ireland. We think the latest video from Enterprise Ireland accurately portrays the Irish software industry at present; vibrant and an exciting sector to be a part of.


Where is IT happening? It's not where you might expect.

It's not just in the companies you expect. It's in Irish software companies.

Emmet O'Neill, HMH Publishing: There's such a wide variety of different companies working in different spaces. There's so much grass roots, exciting stuff happening on a tech level. And it tends to be that people are so supportive of each other.

Software is Ireland's fastest-growing sector. It's where there's a vibrant community.

Julie Walker, Hostel World: Dublin in particular is kind of a melting pot for different cultures so you can always go out at the weekend and make new friends. There's great night life.

David McMahon, Redwind Software: With a smaller group of people you get to know the people you're working with better, you feel much more involved in the company and it's more exciting in that regard.

It's where there's global impact.

Alan Slattery, Dial 2 Do: Ireland is in a unique position. We're halfway - we're at the edge of Europe but we do a lot of our sales into the US so it's interesting to have a product that you're selling all over the world and to be at the centre of things.

1000s of vacancies in 600+ Irish software companies. It's where entrepreneurship thrives.

Niall Harbison, Simply Zesty: The best things in Ireland is, one of the most educated workforces that you can ever imagine and to be able to tap into that as an entrepreneur is amazing.

Lauren Fisher, Simply Zesty: It's a great place to be an entrepreneur because there's a hugely supportive network for small business owners.

It's where you can play a bigger part.

Julie Carbery, Adaptive Mobile: Any decisions I make will directly affect the future of the product and it's nice to know that I can make a difference and have an impact.

James Wildon, iQuate: I think I'm part of the team here. I think I'm valued that way and I think that's important.

IT's happening here.

Emmet: Through resources like Twitter, like LinkedIn, there's such a groundswell of activity going on.

Alan: There's a good kind of community here so I think a lot of people in the Irish software industry get to know each other. I think it's supportive and a lot of buzz generally in Ireland around software.

in Irish companies

David: Something like iPhone and iPad development - there's a really great community around at the moment.

Emmet: It's just a vibrant and buzzy techical scene. I think it makes for a really, really interesting place to work.

James: I don't really intend to move on from this country somewhere else. I quite enjoy it here. I think it's a great place to be.

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