When's the best time in winter to look for a new job?

Jill Collins 09.11.2017

With winter nights and Christmas beckoning, people often put their job search on hold until the New Year. Is waiting until January the best option?

Continuing your job search in November and December can be a great decision and here are three reasons why…

Less Competition

Often people decide to put their personal job search on hold until January with a new year/new job attitude. This has a knock-on effect in the market in the weeks up to Christmas in terms of competition. This is an ideal time to go for interviews and secure your dream role and start the new year at your new desk instead of starting your search.

More Opportunities

A common perception in the market is that there are less jobs available in November and December. This isn’t always the case as often companies will hire people on temporary basis to get their business in shape before year end. This is an ideal time to get your foot in the door and make an impact on hiring managers before new hiring budgets kick in come January.

Plan your next career step

If the thought of interviewing in December is clashing with Christmas parties and shopping duties, why not use November and December as an opportunity to come and meet with the team here? Having a coffee with a recruiter is a great way to discuss what you are looking for next in your career. It’s also an ideal time to update your CV and get some tips on a successful interview!

So before you get distracted by the fairy lights and tinsel, why not call in and meet the team here and have a chat about your next career move.

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Senior Consultant | Accounting & Finance Recruitment