When taking a risk pays off.

It has been 2 years now since I made the switch into recruitment and I have to say it has been the fastest 2 years of my life. I wrote an article like this after my first ten months in the business so I wanted to refresh this a bit and take a look at how things have changed since I initially moved into recruitment.

Just to recap: I graduated from college with an Economics and Finance degree and genuinely believed I was going to be running an international hedge fund company in a week!!

I started my career in the finance industry and quickly realised that maybe excel sheets, deadlines and emails for a basic wage was not exactly the Wolf of Wall Street image I had in my mind.

After six months I had enough. I wanted a change but I had no idea what that change was going to be. Until one day, I was counting the rain drops rolling down my window while also formatting an excel sheet with pretty colours when I got a phone call from a recruiter about new roles in finance I may be interested in.

We arranged to meet up and we talked through all the different roles that my experience would be suitable for. But the more we spoke the more I realised I wanted to be on the other side of the desk. It had everything my current role didn’t: face to face interaction, a competitive fast paced environment, target driven and above all the opportunity to make lots of money.

So here I sit 2 years later reflecting on my recruitment career on the Morgan McKinley Finance team to date and I can honestly say it was a risk to make the change but it's something I am delighted I have done.

Recruitment is one of those roles that everyone has heard of but not too many people understand the complexities that go on behind the scenes. My day is forever changing and the goal posts are forever moving but if you are willing to stick at it and develop your brand and your desk the opportunity to have a very successful and enjoyable career is there for the taking.

If the above sounds like something you would be interested in please feel free to get in touch with or Talent Acquisition team for more information on how you can take your first steps into a career into Recruitment.

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