What is it about Brexit that is attracting UK-based IT job seekers to Ireland?

Marguerite Maher 09.05.2017

Following a noticeable rise in applications for IT roles in our Irish offices from UK-based individuals, we looked into at the reasons behind this.

There has been much talk about Brexit over the last number of months and the positive effect it will have on Ireland if we can capitalise on it. As an IT recruiter in Cork, I speak to project managers and business analysts every day. In the past few months I have noticed an increase in UK-based IT candidates applying for my jobs in Cork, Limerick and Galway. So what are the reasons they are giving for this?

EU Citizenship:

I have spoken to candidates who have specifically taken up work in Ireland as they want to get EU citizenship. They want to work and live in Ireland and then they will apply for Irish citizenship in order to attain this. This will make it easier to work, travel and live in other EU states after the UK leave the European Union.

Second homes:

There are many UK citizens who own holiday apartments and villas in the likes of Spain, Portugal and other EU countries. Brexit may impact these people adding complications in terms of banking, tax, insurance among other things. Again, this is a reason that was given to me by an IT project manager as to why they wanted to work in Ireland and become an EU citizen.

Slowdown in the UK IT Market:

We are now attracting IT candidates to Ireland that we may not have done so in the past few years. The main two reasons for this is there seems to be a slight slowdown in the contracts IT market in UK and also the Sterling/Euro exchange rate is not as great as it used to be. This combined with an increase in IT contract roles across project management, business analysis, software development and systems administrator in Cork, Limerick and Galway has led to more UK-based contractors looking to the Irish market.


Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the EU which enables access to the 450 million consumers in the EU market. For UK-based candidates this is one of the main reasons they can look to the Irish IT market to continue their career post-Brexit.

If you are in Ireland or the UK and are interested in project management, business analyst, or IT management positions both contract and permanent, get in touch today for a confidential discussion on the current market and the live jobs in Munster.

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