[Webinar] 3 Essential Tips to Reducing Workplace Litigation

Ann O'Mahony 02.02.2017

Barry Phillips, a qualified barrister and founder of Legal-Island Ireland’s leading employment law compliance company, presents this webinar on how to avoid workplace litigations.

In a former career, Barry used to sue organisations for failing to comply with legal standards relating to employment and equality law. Now he heads up an organisation that helps those in HR understand how to reduce the risks of employment claims and get the most from employees whilst remaining firmly within the law.
In this poacher-turned-game-keeper webinar, Barry will share the secrets of how to close down open goals that often lead to employment litigation. He explains proactive work that those in HR can do to makes successful employment claims unlikely.
Areas covered include:

  • Understanding how small workplace issues quickly spiral into costly litigation
  • Three essential must do tips to minimise the risk of employment litigation
  • Key takeaways to help your organisation save time and money



Barry worked for many years suing organisations for failing to comply with employment legislation first in London then in Belfast and Dublin before setting up his own company, Legal-Island. He has an MBA from the University of Ulster and a PhD from the University of Glasgow. Author of countless articles in academic and professional journals on employment law issues, Barry set up his award winning training company, Legal-Island, in 1998. Since then it was won numerous awards including Best Place to Work for an SME and Investors in People Gold.
His unique background working first as a lawyer suing employers for failing to comply with legal standards and then as head of a company with model employment practices means he’s ideally placed to pass on key tips and guidance in terms of how to get the most out of staff whilst remaining firmly within the law.

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