Webchat - Bot or Not?

Lisa O Riordan 08.10.2018

A personal touch is really what makes the difference, which is why we have a Customer Experience team on hand to assist you!

Forbes see personalisation as a customer expectation, and a key to building trust with audiences, according to a recent survey by data firm Segment, 71% of adults reported they were frustrated by impersonal shopping expectations.

A question we receive from many visitors is ‘Are you a bot?’, while chatbots are quickly on the rise we believe a personal touch is really what makes the difference which is why we have a Customer Experience team on hand to assist you!

Live webchat is just another way you can get in touch with us here at Morgan McKinley. Having over 750 people on our global team, an average of 800 live roles in Ireland, and recruiting in 14 disciplines in Ireland; our customers are finding the option of webchat on our sites the best way to get an instant response to any query.

Why do people prefer using live chat? Live chat is quick and convenient and customers can get a response 100 times faster than any other channel! With an average wait time of just 8 seconds you won’t have long to wait until one of our Customer Experience specialists responds to your chat.

80% of respondents to a survey by Oracle said that they already use chat bots or they will be using them by 2020. Chat bots are set up to reply on Live Web Chat systems with automated / pre-programmed responses based on the customer messages. Although, these bots can be programmed to efficiently respond to website customers, they may lack a personal touch with the pre-programmed response.

According to Sales Force, customers prefer using web chat services as they find it more convenient, less stressful and easier to get their message across uninterrupted. Our chat will show to customers if they are on one of our pages for longer than 90 seconds, this time delay would suggest that the customer might be at a crossroads on our website and might need some direction.

The automated opening web chat message reads that “We’re online if you have any questions!” so visitors have the option of taking up the offer of assistance if they would like.

If you have any thoughts on how we can improve our webchat service feel free to get in touch with us today!

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Manager Customer & Contractor Experience Team