[Video] What Does It Take for a Successful Female Leader to Get to the C-Suite?

Aldagh McDonogh 18.12.2015

View the video to learn Ishreen and Teresa's top tips on what it take for a successful female leader to get to the C-Suite

In this webinar Ishreen discusses the strategies women can implement to move beyond the challenges they currently face to achieve their aspirations at work and in life. This session covers:

  • The challenges faced by female leaders
  • The top strengths identified by leading women 
  • Possible reasons for the low number of females in senior positions
  • How coaching can impact career progression
  • Changing attitudes
  • Advice and discussion of hot topics
  • Top tips for those shooting for the C-Suite

About our Guest Speakers

Ishreen BradleyIshreen Bradley, Owner, Bizas Coaching & Consulting

Ishreen is an inspirer of new and exciting futures for business leaders in innovation driven organisations. Her particular passion is to enable female leaders in technology and innovation driven organisations to reach their highest potential, be inspired by who they are and be fulfilled by their work. For the last 25 years, she has provided executive coaching, consulting and facilitation services that enable highly intelligent business leaders to develop a matching emotional intelligence and personal brand consistent with their values and the values of their organisation. Sometimes these leaders are adjusting to new executive roles or looking to develop new skills; at others they are leading demanding initiatives to improve business or team performance.




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Teresa CasalTeresa Casal, Managing Director, Teresa Casal Consulting 

Teresa's skills are a blend of strategy, operations and people management that enable her to lead, and work with, organisations at the edge and deliver to the bottom line. Teresa is a trade finance specialist with experience in setting up trade finance desks. She set up the office for Banif in Hong Kong and has worked in international banking for over 23 years across Santander, Standard Bank of South Africa, Standard Chartered and Banif. Her strengths lie in new business strategy, new business development and client management, deal delivery and her strong understanding of people. Her experience combined with her functional and people skills makes her a natural leader capable of driving high performance teams and nurturing talent. She is a linguist fluent in English, French and Spanish, and spoken Portuguese.


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