Valentine's: A fRISKy Business for Risk Management Professionals

Morgan McKinley 13.02.2015

Will a bad Valentine’s Day gift cause havoc in your relationship? I’ll tell you who won’t get your gift wrong…someone who works in risk management.

Risk management is essentially ensuring the prevention of anything obstructing an organisation managing its strengths and core competencies. One would have thought a core competency of a relationship is a happy spouse!

The main objective of risk management in an organisation is to embed risk mitigants throughout its operations to ensure where possible that the outcome can be measured and anticipated. As such, it would be expected that your companion will do their research into what might make you happy - hence predicting a positive outcome. Be that tickets to a game, a reservation in your favourite restaurant or even staying home and pretending the commercial holiday is not in existence, you can guarantee they will have planned and prepared something that suits your desires..

The risk management market in Dublin is thriving at the moment. Should you be on the lookout for a new role there are a number of opportunities out there. And if it’s a case that this Valentines weekend you find yourself mingling with potential suitors who work in risk management, the first thing you do is send them my way! After that, it’s entirely up to you.

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