Using social media to get your dream job

Rebecca Driscoll 03.12.2013

First things first! Make sure your social media profiles (and that means all of them) are looking somewhat professional.

These days employers have more resources to assess future employees and are increasingly checking their prospects’ social media profiles to get an idea what kind of person they are considering. This can be a very important factor in deciding whether to hire someone or not so it would be a good idea to think twice before posting a new update or a new photo on your profiles, especially when you are on the lookout or in the mix for a new job.

Be sure to provide all the relevant information about yourself which any future employer will be looking for, especially your academic past and your previous work experience. Your profile picture is also very important, and it will probably help you a lot if you’re not upside down on a Saturday night.

Networking is something we do on a daily basis with the people in our direct contact but how about someone who you want to recognise your skills and connect with but never have the chance to meet? Social media, particularly the more professional sites such as LinkedIn, allows you to get that one step closer to meeting that key decision maker or that reputable recruiter who just might help you secure your perfect role.

Although it is the more professional networking site, LinkedIn isn’t the only way to find out about that new role. Many companies these days often post job opportunities through their Facebook pages. Keeping in mind you don’t mind them looking at yours, add these companies as a friend to keep up to date with any new requirements they may have.

And finally, interview tips and skills. Keep up to date with your twitter feed for tips and links to helpful interview skills websites and local employment news so you are always in the know


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Senior Consultant Recruitment