44% of employers require specific procurement or purchasing qualification

Aoife Hynes 19.04.2018

As procurement professionals often contact our procurement recruiters to discuss ways to up skill and gain further education, we decided to take a closer look at what emphasis is put on this and what employers are really looking for.

Procurement and purchasing positions vary so much from company to company that there is no 'one shoe fits all'. Unlike an accountancy professional for instance, many people that are working in procurement at a senior level have come from various different backgrounds across business. However, the skill set often remains the same and these individuals are generally extremely commercial, good with numbers and even better with people. 

We looked at what was requested on the job specifications that we worked over the last 12 months. We found that while 43% of specs have a requirement for a degree, an additional 44% require a specific procurement or purchasing qualification and 13% require no third level qualification at all.   
An additional thing to note here is that of that 44%, over 75% of those specs were for more junior positions (under €60K salary) and not at manager level.
This is interesting because it implies that employers are not expecting already experienced strategic category or procurement managers to return to college and upskill but they are expecting the more junior candidate to have chosen procurement as a career. 

Would a procurement qualification be a decision maker for employers if deciding between two strong candidates? 

In recent months I am finding that it certainly is becoming more of a focus and have had very relevant experienced candidates ruled out of processes because they did not have the correct qualification. 
Over the last number of years we have worked closely with Dr. David McKevitt from UCC who shared some interesting and informative information about UCC’S Certificate in Procurement Management and more recently with Sean O’Dwyer, President of the IIPMM, to get a better understanding of what these courses can provide individuals looking to progress their career in procurement. 
If you have any questions on this topic, please reach out to our any of our specialised consultants on our national supply chain recruitment team
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