Here's why you should treat your upcoming interview as you would your Christmas party

Going to an interview is similar to your Christmas party – you want to be the last person standing but it's important not to fall at avoidable hurdles!

Christmas party season is upon us again and like everybody you want to make sure that you enjoy yourself but that you also don’t make any embarrassing mistakes that make you dread going back to the office the following Monday!

Preparation is key

To ensure this doesn’t happen - preparation is key! All the ladies out there know the preparation involved in getting ready for the big night itself and an interview should be no different.

First of all make sure that you know your CV upside down and inside out so that you won’t be caught out on any questions interviewers can come up with in relation to your experience. Practise potential interview questions with someone at home or in the mirror before the interview so that you are prepared – think of it as a dress rehearsal to the real thing!

Making a good impression

Everybody worries that they may say something they regret at their Christmas party and in an interview situation it is no different. First impressions count so it is vital that everybody gives the best impression of themselves at interview, always remember that the people interviewing you are your potential future employers.

You want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd in terms of your experience, fit for the role and that your personality comes across well; most roles involve working with people in some way so it is important that your interviewer feels that they get to know you during the interview process.

Bear these thoughts in mind for any upcoming interviews and remember you want to impress from start to finish in the hopes that you will get the invite from them to the Christmas part next year!

Gerald FitzGerald's picture
Chief Operations Officer Ireland