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Richard Hodnett 09.10.2017

Cycling seems to form a lot of what we talk about in the office at Morgan McKinley. Lycra is now seen as an acceptable form of clothing so I thought it would be fitting to keep going with the trend.

Just recently we completed the 400km MMK Million Cycle. This three day event started from our Dublin office then travelling to Waterford, Limerick offices and finishing in our Global HQ, Cork. This bum-numbing event was in aid of two well deserving charities:
  • BUMBLEance - The Childrens National Ambulance Service
  • Marymount University Hospital & Hospice.


For some of you Alberto Contadors and Sean Kellys of the world, this might not seem like anything too special but for me, I’m pretty happy with our achievement.

As you can imagine I now consider myself a bit of a bike expert using words regularly in the office like, “aluminium or carbon fibre frames”, “shimano”, “drop handlebars” and… that’s about all I have. But with this new found love I have decided to write a blog comparing work colleagues to bike types, every office worldwide has these eight characters and now you can call them out on it without them knowing what you are talking about.

1. High Nellie (Outdated)

I know that every single office has this beauty, it is the person who thinks that you are a magician by copying and pasting something, they only use their index fingers to type and can’t use their new iPhone without holding it straight out in front of them squinting over the glasses on the tip of their nose. 
Though they may be lacking on their technological expertise these colleagues make up for it in so many other ways. They are very well connected always knowing “a friend of a friend” and will always offer good advice on difficult situations.  

2. Electric Bike (The Free-Loader)

All through life you will come across these people. They are the ones who always greet the manager with an over enthusiastic “good morning” but when it comes to working in a team they are nowhere to be seen. You will remember these people from doing assignments in college. What makes it worse now is that these people are not getting the same grade as you but instead they may be getting the same pay as you. The good news is just like the electric bikes, they run out of power and if you just keep peddling you will soon leave them behind.

3. Rickshaw/ Tandem (The Work Horse)

These people are the opposite of the above. They are the ones you are always happy to do a 50/50 split and love hearing that they are in your team. They are the people who will be happy to carry a team and do the work that no one else would touch. They tend to make excellent managers and team leaders and will always be there to lend a hand. They can also be the type to have a smile from ear to ear at the sound of overtime.   

4. Uni Cycle (The Unstable One)

These gems are the ones that you never quite know what is going to happen when you are around them. They are the ones who go from zero to a hundred over the smallest of things (think of Ross from Friends and “my sandwich”) and on first impressions they can be quite scary. Having said that though, these people tend to be really fun to be around and once you get used to them, the risk of getting hurt or yelled at reduces dramatically.

5. Racer (Speedy Gonzales)

These are the people who never read the brief, will look at their watch while you are talking and will always cut across you in a meeting. They care very little how the job gets done just as long as it is done quickly. They get a certain sense of pride if they pip you at the post in any work related situation. None of this should be taken personally, it is just the way they are designed. Outside of work these people usually go just as hard, be it running ultra-marathons as a warm up just before they do their back to back iron mans or partying harder than Dan Bilzerian and Charlie Sheen combined.  

6. Hybrid (Mr/Mrs. Efficient)

These make up the majority of the office. They are normal, they get on with their work and they tend to be the nice guy or girl. The person you will happily have a chat with while waiting for the kettle to boil and their work is always consistent. They just get on with their day to day and tend to last years in the business.

7. Chopper (The Showboat)

I know when you read this you’ll look up straight away and say “yeah, that’s you”. This is the office “showboat”. They always talk at a pitch louder than the rest, they are obsessed with their looks, they are prone to the odd flex and they will literally turn any conversation around to them. They do have their uses they do tend to get the results and when they do they are big (and they will let everyone know it) but they just aren’t that consistent.

8. BMX (The Chancer)

Last but not at all least is the risk taker. They can be considered a bit of a daredevil in their approach to work, the more risk that comes with a project or work assignment the better. They are incredibly durable, they are calm under pressure and they are able to bounce back from any fall. They are always the one who tend to say “ah, it’ll be grand” when signing off on something. 
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