Top Tips to Optimize Call Centre Operations Management

Erica O'Connor 31.07.2018

Operations Management is both an intricate and thriving industry, and one which is suited towards a particular type of professional with a bespoke skillset.

While operations management is a rewarding and progressive career, it also brings with it its own set of challenges for those who embark on the journey. We aim to bring you some helpful advice and recommendations which should optimize your operations management approach to ensure your team offers the best service possible in terms of delivering an efficient customer experience. 

Promote A Rewarding And Encouraging Work Culture:

A high attrition rate due to an overly harsh style of management will result in a negative work environment and employees who will never learn from their mistakes, as they are afraid to make said mistakes at all! Maintaining a positive employee retention rate and promoting a culture by which learning and development is the way of life is best practice for all operations managers. Encourage your employees to help each other and to seize opportunities for learning and professional growth where possible. Aim to come across as both approachable and influential to your team, they will respect you more for it and the company will reap the benefits.

Be The Expert In Your Field: 

Knowledge is power, and as an operations manager, you are expected to have a great deal of it on all things call centre related. You should be well versed in all aspects of the business, such as the technology used, as well as the performance of your agents, the brand of the business itself and the metrics of the company. Once you feel capable of speaking on any area within your field, people will show you respect and come to you with any query they have on the business, which should naturally be an integral part of your role. What will set you apart from other operations managers, is the ease with which you are able to speak about various topics affecting the business/industry, your ability to communicate with your team and handle any questions or concerns that arise with effectiveness and a thorough understanding of the area. 

Ensure You Are Fully Equipped With The Correct Tools: 

The advances in technology today mean that there are many various tools at your disposal to enhance your operations management skills. Advanced software is key to a successful operations management strategy, this allows you to gather vast amounts of data, monitor calls, provide effective coaching, and use various reporting tools to identify areas of weakness and possible solutions. High-tech phone systems allow a business to optimize their functionality levels and therefore to perform as efficiently as possible. Technology is constantly evolving, and as an operations manager, it is your duty to keep up with the latest technological trends and ensure your toolkit is as up to date as possible in order to perform to the best of your ability.

We hope that you find the above information helpful in relation to best practice for operations management. Did you know? Morgan McKinley offer a specialized service for operations management recruitment, please feel free to contact me at the details below: 

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