5 things that will get you a better job in 2018

Darragh McCarthy 20.12.2017

Rewrite your CV

And I mean rewrite, not update! That same old tired document you created ten years ago which you add a few lines to every couple of years isn't good enough. It’s lazy and recruiters and hiring managers can see it from a mile off...especially when you've used different fonts and formats!

If you don't believe me look at your CV now. I bet you can see where you've made most of the edits! This might just be be the most important document you write this year so give it some time and attention.

Refresh your LinkedIn page

It needs to accurately reflect your CV. It needs to look professional and it shouldn’t have any silly typos! Also remember that every time you edit this, your network is notified so this is worth doing at least once every couple of months. Your LinkedIn page is vital in promoting your online personal brand. If you don't already have a LinkedIn profile please set one up immediately!  

Reflect on what you have achieved in your job so far this year

Assess what new responsibilities you have taken on in the past year and write down what you've done for your current employer. These can be used to get yourself a better job elsewhere, or in the company where you already work.

Write down the top ten companies you would like to work for

Think blue-sky scenario here. Ask yourself “If everyone was hiring, who would I really like to work for?”

Register with the top recruiter or agency in your field of specialism

Generalists are typically a master of no markets so avoid the “Jack of All Trades” recruiter. A specialist in your area will be able to advise you on what the market is really like for your profession, what package you should be on, and they will have the contacts to open doors into those top companies.  They can also help you with points one to three above, so be picky and work only with someone who wants to meet you, who will prepare you for every interview process you ever enter, and who will always represent you professionally and ethically.

That better job may well be with the company you already work for but you should still complete this list regardless if you really want to progress your career.

Remember that if you don’t know what your other options are, you’ll never know if you’re sitting in the right seat.

Best of luck for the New Year!

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Manager | Supply Chain & Procurement