Top 5 Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency Vs Applying Directly

Darragh McCarthy 02.07.2015

The great news for employers and job seekers alike is that the Irish economy is now the fastest growing economy in the EU.

Job opportunities in many areas of Ireland are growing significantly and for many it’s the first time they may have looked at new opportunities in several years.

Not being familiar with what is happening outside your own company and throughout the recruitment market can mean that some job seekers are significantly disadvantaged by applying directly to the Talent Acquisition person who only promotes one company, versus a specialist recruiter from an agency who will work with hundreds of employers.

With the return of multiple job offers, uncertainty and confusion can reign for those who do not have a full view of what their options are.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to use a specialised recruitment agency instead of applying directly to a company.

1.       They have inside knowledge of the companies who are hiring

Through working with HR, line managers and from dealing with candidates coming from every company in the market, a well-established and highly networked agency will see far past Pages 1 and 2 of Google search results, giving you the real insight into a company’s culture and into the job behind the job spec.

2.       They know what you will be asked in your interview

Every company has a different interview format and style. When it comes to things they like to hear and details they want properly articulated, unless a job seeker has interviewed successfully with a company previously they won’t know what to expect. Agencies who have placed people with these companies previously know exactly how to prepare candidates for interview, be it first round, second round or final interview.

3.       They will keep you updated on the process

Candidates these days are dissuaded from contacting HR or the line managers to get an update after their interview. An agency can and will follow up meaning that applying via an online portal  and never hearing anything back can be a thing of the past. Well networked agencies will usually have a much more direct route to the decision maker and this cuts down on wasting time.   

4.       They will save you Time and Money

There are a number of companies that charge quite considerable amounts for CV formatting and doing up a CV to industry standard. Any good recruitment agency will assist you for free in doing this and help to you learn to focus or reformat your skillset according to the role you are going forward for. A specialist recruiter is much more than just someone who applies for you. They will also coach and advise you to help you attain your career goals.

 5.       An Agency will get you a better Salary that you could get yourself

The agency will know what the company can and cannot afford, they will know what other applicants with similar experience and skill sets are looking for and they will know what workers in other companies are getting paid to do the exact same job. Ultimately the market decides on salary levels and negotiating the best possible salary is what recruitment agencies do on your behalf. Even if negotiating is part of your day job and it’s something you’re great at, realise that this negotiation is very different and what you may perceive as a hard fought win may set you in a negative light with your potential employer.

Morgan McKinley works with the vast majority of hiring companies in the market, so rather than hearing what one talent acquisition person will tell you about their own company, why not get in touch with our specialist desks and ask us about them all.

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