Thinking of a career change to Recruitment?

Louise O'Neill 30.07.2018

The Recruitment industry in Ireland is absolutely booming!

Over the past 6 months alone, Ireland has seen an unprecedented rise in job opportunities across Ireland, with particular growth on the Banks of the Lovely Lee, with over 500 startup companies setting up in Cork in the first 3 months of 2018. Cork is predicted to be the fastest growing city in Ireland over the next 20 years, with the population set to treble!

According to an article published in April 2018 by the Irish Independent “overall, a total of 5,347 startups have been established this year in Ireland, working out at 62 new companies a day.” This level of growth is fantastic for the Irish market, and it’s never been a better time to get into the Recruitment industry.   

As a career changer myself, I made the move to Recruitment in November 2016, and haven’t looked back since. I came from a linguistic background having studied languages in University, but after almost three years in Localisation Project Management, I took the plunge and jumped into Recruitment feet first! 

This decision wasn’t made overnight on my part, I was aware that a career change would be a massive challenge but the more I thought about Recruitment, the more I realised it was an industry I could really advance in. Throughout the interview process with Morgan McKinley, I was often asked “why Recruitment” – a question you may ask yourself if you’re considering changing careers and are considering a long term career in this industry. 
For me, there were a number of areas of the job that I felt would be a good challenge to me 

  1. People – people will always be the biggest challenge of my day, but it’s a challenge I was looking for. No two people are the same, what may be the ideal scenario for one, may be the worst nightmare for another. Managing people, and helping them to achieve their own personal goals is highly rewarding. 
  2. Pace – coming into this industry, I knew the pace of my day would increase, dramatically. This assumption wasn’t wrong! The demanding environment in Recruitment is both rewarding and thrilling. It’s a job that you can really dictate if you put your mind to it, but pace and persistence is key. 
  3. Team Environment – being part of an advancing, proactive team was one of the biggest things I wanted from my career move – the IT team in Morgan McKinley are continuously challenging themselves to advance and achieve more. This positive, proactive environment has helped me to advance in my position, and really gain from my colleagues. 
  4. Training – my decision to move to Morgan McKinley was 70% made on the training I knew I would get. Regardless of position within the company, junior, senior, manager, there is always the drive to learn and advance further which was a major attraction for me.  
  5. Commission – it’s all about the money, money, money… well, it’s not, but it’s certainly a perk of the job. If you can make an impact in Recruitment, it’s nice to reap the financial benefits on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.  

If you are considering a career change and feel that you could be a successful Recruitment Consultant, why not apply to us here in Morgan McKinley today – we are expanding in a number of areas including IT, Supply Chain, Engineering, and Finance. 

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