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April Fenton 26.06.2015

Over the past 9 months, I have been working towards CMI Management accreditation and a common thread throughout this course is the power of TEAM and looking at all the various components it takes to build and lead a successful team.

Throughout this time, I been able to reflect on my own style as a manager and leader within our business, make difficult decisions when required and in still values and attitude amongst the team making us successful and visible to the rest of the business.  

Paramount to this, was analysing the different strengths and weaknesses in the team and what motivates them to go above and beyond.

Building a successful team requires tenacity, resilience, a clear objective as to what you are trying to achieve & what success looks like, a willingness to be open to feedback, emotional intelligence and oodles of patience!

In considering all of the above, ask yourself the following…

  • What is my management/leadership style?
  • Is this style effective?
  • Am I open to feedback?
  • Am I emotionally intelligent?


Get to know your team – know what buttons to push & more importantly when to push them.

If you know what people’s strengths are – you can assign them to work on projects suited to their skillset and/or projects that will slightly stretch them beyond their comfort zone.

Feedback is the key to assuring any team is staying on track, but more importantly that the team is consistent in their performance & you are somewhat on the way to achieving your goal.

Don’t wait until the end of a week/monthly review to give feedback – situational feedback is the best – don’t wait until there’s an issue – manage situations as they occur.

Lastly, celebrate success along the way – not just the BIG wins but recognition for SMALL wins will instill confidence in your team. 

My team & I are currently partnering with a number of clients nationally who are seeking to add HR talent to their teams. If you would like to hear about HR opportunities please contact me for a confidential discussion or check out our newly launched Career Ally Hub for career advice and tips. 

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