'There are no jobs out there! What am I going to do?'

Niall Harris 23.07.2012

This is a common view I hear from accounting and finance candidates in the market and whilst I understand where their view is coming from, all is not lost!

 The shock to the economy and employment over the past four years has resulted in one in seven jobs disappearing.  Such a decline in employment would have resulted in major emigration in any open economy.  This is a fact none of us can escape from, however there are still positives to be taken from this.

We are an adaptable nation and as experienced accounting and finance professionals, we are responsible for ensuring that we remain marketable as candidates within the current highly competitive market place.  Whether that involves upskilling with additional qualifications or presenting ourselves more effectively both in our CVs and in person at interview, either of those options can provide people with a higher success rate in securing a desirable role.
New jobs are still arising and becoming available as tentative expansion occurs across Ireland.  According to the April 2012 edition of  the Employment Monitor, there was an increase of 5% in the number of new professional job vacancies year-on-year from April 2011.  This is something to be very positive about.  However, the keenest difference in the job market right now is that employers are very specific about what they are looking for and do not wish to deviate from their requirements. 
With huge competition in the candidate market, it is absolutely crucial that job searches are approached with all the tools available to you.  When you’re working with Morgan McKinley, you will be assisted with CV preparation, interview techniques and interview coaching prior to interview to give you the best possible chance to ensure you present professionally and succinctly.  By working on these areas, your chances of success for relevant roles will be significantly higher.
We look forward to working with you!
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Regional Manager | Accounting & Finance