Temps with Benefits

Morgan McKinley 11.12.2015

With the ever changing market creating lots of new jobs particularly within the permanent market you might ask yourself why would I want to temp? There are lots of reasons why you should temp!

 A lot of people are under the mind-set that temping is only short term and it will inhibit you from getting a permanent job. That is not always the case, there are many reasons why temping is attractive which I have outlined below:

  • Flexibility – This is one of the best benefits of temping! You are in control of your career and it’s a lot easier to take career breaks. You are usually only required to give 1 weeks’ notice as well so if something permanent comes up in the meantime you can start straight away.
  • Skills – Different companies use different systems so this is a great opportunity to use a particular IT system. By spending time temping across various roles you can learn new skills and see how different companies operate, making you far more employable and really enriching your CV.
  • A foot in the door – Temping is a great way to break into particular industries especially if it’s a specific industry you are keen to get into. Also, a lot of the time if you prove yourself there may be a chance to be made permanent.
  • Weekly payments – When you’re temping you get paid weekly which makes it a lot easier to manage your money.You’re still protected - It’s important to remember that as a temporary employee you do have rights and you are entitled to the same rights as permanent employees when it comes to working hours and holiday pay and working conditions.

If you are unsure about temping and what’s involved please do not hesitate to contact me and I am happy to talk you through.

For more information on current temporary vacancies please contact lstronge@morganmckinley.ie

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