Technical Services – The Who’s Who

Aoife Duggan 02.05.2017

A brief synopsis into the functions within tech services from a chemistry perspective.

The tech services function can be a pretty congested place in terms of job titles with pharmaceutical companies. From company to company the titles for a specific role can change but the core responsibilities remain the same. A rose by any other name!

So let’s break it down to the basic components:

Technical Services Chemists/Value Stream Candidates/Process Chemists:

Process chemistry is the arm of pharmaceutical chemistry concerned with the development and optimization of a synthetic scheme and pilot plant procedure to manufacture compounds for the drug development phase. So in layman's terms these individuals develop the recipe and want to get as much yield from that recipe as possible – the Martha Stewart’s of the Pharma world.

Within this function there are also Analytical Chemists who test the products to ensure these recipes meet all the necessary criteria in terms of the level of impurities etc. These people are also responsible for scale up of material and for transferring new formulations to manufacturing.

Process Engineers:

The process engineers (with chemist backgrounds) are removed from the lab and work alongside production. Their concern is to ensure that the aforementioned transfers are monitored and executed effectively.

They typically have a strong understanding of Organic Chemistry as well as the effects of the equipment and raw materials on the batch.

Technical Operators:

The Tech Ops Team are composed of Analysts and Chemists who work side by side on various projects. Such projects can include Continuous Improvement Projects (CIP’S) and Deviation Projects.

The Chemists work on the formulations whilst the Analysts, as mentioned, test the resulting products to ensure optimum parameters and cost effectiveness.
This is brief synopsis of the chemistry components of the tech services area in pharmaceuticals, there are a vast array of roles outside of this also. There are so many verticals for biotechnology/science graduates to pursue which aids in making pharmaceuticals the enticing industry that it is. Some such roles are as follows: Product development, Process Chemist, Process Scientist, Process Engineer, Formulations Scientist, Analytical Scientist/Chemist, QC, Regulatory Affairs and Microbiology. 

I recruit for all areas mentioned above so if you are looking for a new opportunity in any of these functions contact me today via the details below.

For more information on jobs in this area that I have at the moment visit our Morgan McKinley website.

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