Surviving Through Your First Job

Maria Suasti 25.07.2018

I started working in recruitment 2 years ago with a miscellaneous agency, this allowed me to get involved in several processes with the automotive, aeronautics, and food sector.

After almost a year in this role I knew this was something I could work at and build a career on it, so I decided to move to Ireland for an adventure and ended up securing a role in Morgan McKinley with the HR team. I came to Ireland with great experience but in many ways, I do feel like I started from zero. I’m saying this because when I arrived I felt like everything was new to me, the market was completely different, and specializing in the Human Resources area can be complicated if you’re used to doing a bit of everything. From my own experience I can say that a new role in a completely different environment can feel like you clicked a reset button in your professional life. It’s entirely up to you to focus on the job and use change as an opportunity to develop new skills. It’s easier said than done, but I have a set agenda of steps I like to take in order to be at my best as a recruiter.

Have breakfast

This might sound silly but it’s really important. With all the morning rush it’s easy to leave this aside, but waking up a little earlier to have a proper breakfast does have an impact on your mood. This plus a good playlist on your way to work gives you the best attitude to start the day. 
Plan the day ahead
Following a schedule is the easiest way to ensure you go through all your tasks, and leave time for your personal needs. It`s necessary to be aware of where you stand and where you want to be by the end of the day. It is very useful to focus on the activities that you have to go throughout the day to be able to reach your goal. I like to identify a mentor or a role model and take their activities as an example of what you should be doing, this helps you set goals for your career progression. 


Multitasking is considered a very important skill but I personally find it troublesome. Sometimes working in several activities at a time, can result on making more mistakes since overI've found out that if I try to work this way I make way more mistakes since I try to go over more stuff than I can handle. I need to write everything so I am fond of my to do lists. Prioritizing instead also helps me with my time management, sometimes it takes time to see results but at the end of the day I can meet my deadlines without leaving something behind (all those unread emails)

Work on your habits

Someone once told me taking on a habit takes 40 days. This always sounded like a mission impossible for someone that dislikes routine, but in your first job you’ll find routine becomes your best ally. I work in recruitment and routine often seems impossible but at some point it is necessary to follow certain habits and activities on a day to day basis. For example, first thing of the day, you can check your emails, act on the most important ones first, and then classify them by labels. This helps for future references, and if there is another activity to be taken on, an agenda can be the way to start the schedule of the day. Following through two or three activities that you necessarily need every day will help you make sure you never get behind in work. 

Understand what is expected of you

Always make sure you understand what you are facing. Clarify immediately, if you’re not sure of what to do next. The more clearly and upfront you are with your line manager and colleagues, the better it will be for you in the long term. Asking questions can be complicated if you’re afraid of being judged or you want to prove you can work on your own, but the more you ask the more you prove you’re involved in the process and you can avoid mistakes. 


Create a pleasant work environment

Try to contribute to your work environment by building relationships with your co-workers. Try to keep away from any negative comments. You don’t have to be friends with everyone but putting yourself out there is essential for a good environment. 

Review your day

On your way home, reflect on your day and review what you accomplished. Personally this is the moment when reality hits me. You can either realize you missed something important or you can start preparations for the next day. Write everything you think you need to focus on the next morning so the next day you don’t lose time with preparations. If you feel satisfied with the day’s work, then why not reward yourself later that day. You deserve it.
Everybody has gone through the first months of settling down on their new job, and yes, starting a new role can be scary and it can make you question your abilities, but at the end you should always think about the challenge and the joy that brings to overcome new obstacles. If you manage to do this, you will be able to do anything. 

If like me you feel like you would like to start over, in the HR team at Morgan McKinley we are always available for a conversation. It’s always important to keep yourself involved in the market and understand the opportunities that can set your career path. We understand your concerns and we are always open to be your career ally.

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