Survival tips for Online Marketers after Google Panda

Maria Cosgrove 13.08.2012

Are you working in online marketing or interviewing for your next online marketing job?

If you are you might find this blog interesting.

In 2011, Google changed the way it ranks websites in google searches. The old way to achieve a high Google ranking was to have key words relating to your product/service repeated throughout your website. This approach has now evolved and changed.

Google now rank websites based on a number of things including:

  • Meaningful fresh content
  • Relevance of site to the search
  • Length of time spent on your pages by the reader
  • Key words

We have noticed a number of companies in Cork rebuilding and updating their websites to accommodate this and as a result are beginning to see the fruits of their work. If you work in online marketing or you are applying for an online marketing position, this is absolutely something you should be aware of for 2 reasons:

  1. When interviewing for marketing positions, there is a strong chance you will be asked how you would improve SEO for your potential employer. Adding more meaningful and relevant content to your website is the one and only way to achieve this.
  2. If you are not interviewing but working in marketing, you need to be working towards updating your website to ensure that you are following the Google Panda guidelines so that you are best promoting your company, increasing its SEO and doing your job. Surprisingly not a lot of companies are aware of this so now is the time to create clear water between you and your competitors!

Working for Morgan McKinley in Cork, I have seen first hand the benefit of changing our website to adapt to the new Google panda guidelines. Through cutting out the information our readers were not interested in and replacing it with meaningful content (such as market insights, blogs and video content) we have noticed our ranking increase as well as a higher volume of traffic coming through each month so it really is a no brainer. Take a look at the following guides and start making improvements today!

This Panda Infographic sums up the main panda guidelines very well. If you are an online marketer or are currently interviewing for your next online marketing job and would like more information on latest SEO trends then I would love to hear from you!

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