Success Series Webinar | Managing Up: How to Have an Effective Relationship with Your Boss, Part 2

Aldagh McDonogh 20.10.2014

We are delighted to welcome back Talane Miedaner, 'Master Life Coach' who will be hosting our next Success Series Webinar which is the second in a two part series on 'Managing Up: How to Have an Effective Relationship with Your Boss'.

Are you experiencing difficulties with your manager? Do you feel strained, neglected, or unappreciated at work? You have more influence over your boss than you may believe. Talane will explain how to manage these scenarios and receive the appreciation you desire while enhancing the communication between you and your boss.

In part 1 of this two part series, Talane discussed the following topics:

  • Speak and be heard with simple communication tips that will help you get the respect you deserve
  • How to showcase and be known for your unique talents and skills without bragging or boasting
  • How to say “No” to more work while still coming across as an enthusiastic team player

If you missed the first installent of this webinar then don't worry, we have a recording of the entire webinar available here.

In part 2 of this webinar Talane will be be discussing:

  • Installing Healthy Boundaries
  • Teamwork
  • Personal Balance
  • Initiative
  • Career Path

You'll learn practical steps on how to take charge of your relationships at work, both with your managers and colleagues, so that you can do your best work. Please review and bring the checklist questions that were discussed in part 1 of the webinar series.

This free webinar will take place on Thursday 6th November 2014 at 9am IST 

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Talane Miedaner, owner and founder of and The Coaching Directory, has gained international prominence as a professional coach by guiding thousands of people to find wealth, success, and happiness. As a leader in the cutting-edge field of personal coaching, Talane helps people restructure their lives to easily attract the opportunities they want. Her company works with executives, public officials, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world in person, by phone, and online.  She has also recently been appointed as Adjunct Professor for Georgetown University's Institute for Transformational Leadership and Coaching in Washington.  

Talane leads numerous seminars nationally and internationally, and has taught at CoachU where she received training as a professional coach. She is the author of  the audio program 'Irresistible Attraction: A Way of Life', and is the internationally best-selling book, 'Coach Yourself to Success: 101 Tips from a Personal Coach for Reaching Your Goals at Life and in Work' (McGraw-Hill) ,'The Secret Laws of Attraction' (McGraw-Hill) and 'Coach Yourself to a New Career' (McGraw-Hill, 2010).  

Connect with Talane Miedaner on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter.

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