Specific industry skills recommended for supply chain professionals

Darragh McCarthy 17.04.2018

Most in-demand & highest paying roles in supply chain and procurement, Q1 2018: 

  1. Procurement manager
  2. Supply chain manager
  3. Buyer


Desirable skills & qualifications

Supply chain is moving at a much faster pace than a few years ago. With new technologies, new opportunities and new challenges it is difficult to keep on top of the in-demand skills. We recommend having specific industry skill, for example in pharma or biomedical, or specific category experience (purchasing specific materials). Employers are now looking for successful candidates to have a general degree in supply chain from a university or an institution of technology. 

Job seeker & hiring manager motivations

Despite a trend of internal upskilling and downscaling of team sizes, supply chain and procurement recruitment has been productive so far in 2018. Candidate shortages will lead to higher remuneration packages from employers across the board and aspects such as flexibility on working hours, office location and distance from home will become key deciding factors for professionals considering a career move. 

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Associate Director | Supply Chain & Procurement