Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Niamh McCarthy 20.07.2015

Are you always stressed? Do you feel you don’t fit into your current work place? Are you constantly frustrated? Does your current job not match with your own career progression goals? Do you simply not want to be there anymore? Thinking about quitting, but not sure if you should?

If you are answering yes to any of these, it could be a sign that you need to change jobs. Nonetheless we are all guilty of the Monday morning work blues, but what are the warning signs when these feelings continue right throughout the working week. 

1.You dread going into work in the morning.

Yes we are all guilty of this one but what does it mean when the feeling of dread becomes overwhelming. Aside from your performance, this does begin to affect your mental health and wellbeing. We are not suggesting that you should be 100% happy about your job all the time.

2.You’ve no interest in the work that you are doing.

We all have our own individual career goals and ambitions however small but when they don’t match your current job then they can affect your attentiveness to your job. Aside from pay, if your current role does not match up with your goals then it is time to consider your options and really map out where you want to be and how you are going to achieve it.

3.You’re not you any more.

You have lost your “spark” in your current job and instead of looking forward to challenges, you are finding ways to just survive the day or completion of the task. You are then less inclined to offer your ideas and opinions on decisions that are being made in the workplace. If you are beginning to feel like this then it is time to start your search for a role that ignites your spark again.

4.You’ve entered into the negative zone.

If you have lost the will to care and are putting minimum effort into your work, how you dress, act or complete the simplest of tasks then it is definitely time for a change and fast!

5.You’re not learning anymore.

If you are continually seeking to refine or develop your skills at work but are bored because you've stopped picking up anything new, you may have hit a wall at your job. Progression in the work place revolves around learning and development and if these are not occurring then it is time to start looking for that role that will challenge your skills.

Obviously, one factor should never be enough to make you quit your job. No matter how much you like a job, there will always be factors that make it difficult or unpleasant, and even bad jobs have their good sides. Here at Morgan McKinley we are continually on the lookout for Accounting and Finance candidates who are seeking new and exciting opportunities in the Mid-West, Midlands and Connaught regions. If you have said yes to more than one of the points above, then it could be time for a career change.

To learn more about the career opportunities in the West of Ireland, please contact Hannah McInerney or any of the Morgan McKinley Limerick Accounting & Finance team on 061 430 940.

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