Should I consider a contract job whilst in a permanent one?

Niamh Collins 15.01.2018

Many companies now structure their recruitment plans around fixed term contracts (FTCs) and use permanent head count approval for internal positions.  

Here are the most commonly asked questions I get from employees regarding contract positions.

Why should I consider contract roles?

Career prospects for one, ruling out contract roles can significantly reduce your options in terms of companies and roles. Many companies, particularly the larger multinationals, recruit on a contract basis with a view to permanency.

My advice would be to look at the job in terms of what it can add to your career and where it can take you rather than focusing narrowly on permanent or contract roles.

Can a contract role provide job security?

Yes. We are work many contract roles of 12 months, 24 months and even 36 months. These are generally contract roles with a view to permanency, which is similar to permanent roles which have a probation period. My advice would be look at each contract on a case-by-case basis taking into account the company hiring policies, many well-known companies are now looking to recruit employees on contracts.

Does a contract role provide benefits?

Generally speaking employees of fixed term contracts are entitled to the same benefits as permanent employees, e.g. healthcare, bonus, pension etc. Most people don’t realise that on a contract you more than often receive the same healthcare and employment benefits you would receive on a permanent contract.

How will a contract role be perceived on my CV going forward?

Future employers will generally focus on the duties of the role and the exposure it gave the employee rather than the type of employment.

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Associate Director | Accounting & Finance