Siobhain Rushe 01.03.2019

I recently attended a breakfast briefing in the swanky Twitter headquarters where I was welcomed with big smiles, fancy breakfast, (including pancakes) and a person who took my coat and gave me a ticket.  I felt very important I must say!

Recently due to personal reasons I relocated to Drogheda.  This means my daily commute has gone from 20 minutes to sometimes over a four hour round trip –and yes I do feel sorry for myself at times!  When I had woken earlier I had considered not going to the event – it would be so much easier to just go to the office and get busy with the day job.  

Honestly I have never been so glad I made the effort and headed towards the briefing.  I was in awe listening to the fabulous women from Twitter and their guest speaker, the witty and hilariously funny Ciara Kelly from Newstalk, telling authentic stories about their career journeys and who inspires them.

The common thread amongst the speaker about the people who inspire them the most were their colleagues whom they work with daily.  @Laura Mongey highlighted how she has the support from her employers to ensure she is fully present for both her “work family” and her “home family”. Sometimes this means working from home or working on her daily commute or simply asking for support from the strong team that surrounds her.  

After the event I approached her to ask her advice on how to balance it all, she has twins at home, expecting a 3rd addition and has a high-pressured job. I loved her advice: 

  • Set Personal Expectations
  • Set Professional Expectations
  • Ask for and take support when you need it
  • Recognise you can’t do it all - just do the best you can do.

I reflected on the messages of the morning as I walked to my own workplace.  I have a high performing job which comes with ups and down and I have personal responsibilities which have come with a bit more pressure lately but I also have a company which believes in me, appreciates the hard work I put in to make things happen and always hold the firm view that if you have done the hard yards success will follow.  Everything comes full circle when you do your best.  Coincidentally Morgan McKinley were recognised as a Best Workplace for Women and a Great Place to Work at the recent awards ceremony.  I had another celebratory breakfast back at the office!!

Do you feel appreciated in your work place? Are you inspired to do be the best version of yourself? If not it is probably time to move.  Don’t work to pay bills, life is short, be happy in everything that you do.




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