September, the month of opportunity in recruitment!

Darragh McCarthy 20.09.2018

With the end of what was a good summer (for once!) I must admit comes the September reality check, first it’s the traffic that hits you and then the dark mornings and evenings! But there is no need for all doom and gloom, I believe you should also see this as a period of opportunity in your professional life. 

In the recruitment world, everything slows down during the summer and decision making can take that bit longer. Often there are times when at least one decision maker will be on holiday when it comes to signing off that urgent role. Here at Morgan McKinley we try to stay ahead of the curve, we believe the summer months should be used to meet as many clients and candidates as possible so that when September comes around we are in the best position possible to meet the needs of our clients and candidates. Come September clients are all back in work and eager to move processes on live roles, candidates are also back from their holidays and weighing up their potential career options, why wait until January when you can get settled into that new role now and be up and running for 2019?

If you are back in work and still have a Supply Chain recruitment needs or you are on the market yourself for a new role don’t hesitate to contact our 10 strong national recruitment team here in Morgan McKinley, get ahead of the trend as the best talent won’t wait around this September!

For further info contact me today on or contact one of our specialised team members.

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Associate Director | Supply Chain & Procurement