From Self Employed to Recruitment

Niall Harris 21.08.2017

From 40 hour days, to a 40 hour week

Six months ago, if you asked me about blogging, I would have laughed at you. Now, from a Morgan McKinley office, I am writing a blog about making the move from a Sole Trader, to Accounting and Finance Recruitment. 

My background is in Event Management, and more specifically, for the last 7 years, I have owned and operated an Audio-Visual hire company that caters for conferences, live music, and corporate events.

As career paths go, that's a significant change that comes with a unique set of challenges.

What's different?

To start; when you own and operate your own business, you have no boss, you have no defined work schedule, and generally you spend a lot of time on your own. 
I was always apprehensive of moving into a situation where I would have to work under a senior manager, to a schedule, and with measured KPI's.  
Currently, I am six weeks into my new position as a Recruitment Consultant on the Finance Desk in Limerick, and any preconceived opinions I had, have been rendered completely unjustified.

So far, the change has been amazing. The managerial staff, the team, and the standard of training at Morgan McKinley are unlike anything I have experienced before, even compared to previous positions within MNC and indigenous entities.

Above all, the atmosphere is extremely positive, and the level of support is far more comprehensive than what I expected. This is extremely beneficial to me because as an industry, Recruitment is completely new to me.

So far, I am really enjoying the change, I am constantly learning new skills, and I would highly recommend anyone interested in a move to recruitment, to consider a career in Morgan McKinley.

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