2012 Sales & Marketing Salaries Uncovered

As part of our Morgan McKinley 2012 Salary Survey we examined the average sales and marketing salaries in Dublin, Cork and the regions.

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Role: Low €K High €K Low €K High €K Low €KHigh €K 
Marketing Director901308012075110
Head of Marketing801207011070100
Marketing Manager508045704565
Assistant Marketing Manager455538503548
Senior Brand Manager455845554055
Brand Manager385035483548
Assistant Brand Manager304030402839
Marketing Assistant253023282228
Marketing Executive283528352735
Senior Product Manager658260755570
Product Manager507045754060
Consumer Insights Manager457045654060
Consumer Insights Executive283625352530
Marketing Research Manager457040654065
Marketing Research Executive304028352635
Communications Manager456840654060
Communications Executive303828382838
Campaign Manager457045704570
Campaign Executive283828382635
Digital (Online) Manager406040603555
Digital (Online) Executive283828382635
SEO Specialist304528402838
PPC Specialist304528402638


Role:Low €K High €K Low €K High €K Low €KHigh €K 
Sales Director1001509514090130
Head of Sales801307012070120
National Sales Manager6010050904580
Channel Sales Manager558050704565
Corporate Sales Manager426540603555
Corporate Sales Executive304528402838
Telesales Manager356030503045
Telesales Executive233020272027
National Account Manager488045754570
Key Account Manager385535503045
Account Manager385035483040
Account Executive284025352532
Business Development Manager457540703565
Business Development Executive263825352532
Field Sales Manager355030453045
Field Sales Executive243822352232
Sales Manager428540803570
Sales Executive243022302230

Base salaries only (does not include commission and other benefits).

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