RTE News: Disccusing the highlights of the 2012 Salary Survey

Morgan McKinley 06.01.2012

Trefor Murphy, Operations Director of IT and technical (life sciences, engineering, operations, supply chain, process improvement) recruitment, appeared on the RTE News to discuss the Morgan McKinley Salary Survey, released to press on Jan 5 2012.

View the Morgan McKinley Ireland Salary Survey 2012 here >>>

The survey collates information gathered from 584 HR managers and business leaders working for financial services, professional services, manufacturing and IT companies across the Republic of Ireland.


Three out of five human resource managers and business owners believe salaries in their companies will either stay at current levels or fall this year. However, of the 580 companies surveyed, one in five believe that salaries would rise in 2012 but by less than 5%.

More on all this. I'm joined in the studio by Trefor Murphy, Operations Director of Morgan McKinley, the recruitment company who carried out the survey.

First of all Trefor, what sort of firms did you survey and what are their general views on pay?

In the Morgan McKinley survey for 2012, on salaries, we looked at four key segments within the Irish market. We looked at professional services, we looked at IT organisations, manufacturing sector and the the financial services sector in Ireland.

Interestingly, over half of them are showing that they are more positive about this year than they were last year. Just under 60%. With the majority again, 58% again saying that salaries will remain the same for the coming year ahead.

The survey shows that some sectors are still performing very well.

Yes, absolutely. We're seeing within each of the sectors - if we take manufacturing, there are a number of sectors doing well within that: electronic consumer goods, bio-pharmaceutical and bio-medical, and food sectors have all performed very well in 2011 and we see that continuing into 2012.

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