The Rise of the Contract Role

Aileen McCarney 21.01.2017

There was a time, not that long ago, when permanent was the more popular choice; but the benefits of taking a contract are becoming more and more visible in today’s market.

In my work I find that candidates will often choose to take on a contract role, over a permanent one, if the conditions are right. This blog examines some of the issues involved in making that choice.  

1) Salary

As a contract worker you can demand a higher wage. Contractors are often called upon to complete work that is either too complicated or specialised for companies to complete themselves, or that is critical and needs to be finished quickly. Either way, the contractor is often in a great position to command a high salary. 

2) Demand

People want you… Contractors are highly in demand during times of economic expansion. Contractors are often needed to work in areas where growth is occurring and where there is a skills shortage. This works in favour of the contractor, as they frequently seem to be "in the right place at the right time".

3) Skills-Set

Contractors have the opportunity to work with many different types of organisations in many different capacities. These experiences can accelerate career advancement and offer greater flexibility for future employment down the road. So, if you don’t know which way you want to take your career i.e. a commercial slant vs. a financial control slant, a contract in either will help you clarify, and avoid getting the dreaded ‘pigeon-holed’ comments.

4) Flexibility

You choose when you want to work. Many people now like to take time out to travel. Contract roles offer you a viable way to work more flexibly; or you may have recently returned home from travelling and you want to get back into the market again. Contract work offers you the chance to experience different areas or markets and can provide you with the opportunity to renew and/or extend your skill set and get back to work.

5) Self Determination

Contracts give you the option to direct your own career path. You are essentially your own boss and have the power to determine and manage your time and skill sets. Suits those with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Perks:

Apart from all of the above – quickly increasing your CV’s value through skills, sector experience etc., giving you time to be sure you are making the right choice in the direction you are taking, and increasing your salary, contracting has increasingly become an industry norm, particularly within the US Multinational companies – these roles are often spoken of with “a view to permanency”. Much of these types of contracts are now offering all the perks that the permanent roles do – healthcare, pension, and particularly, bonuses!


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Overall the ability to adapt and morph is key in this market so if you can do that then go for it! Contracting is a super way to make more money, prove your resilience and add to your skill set. Should you have a desire to find out more or perhaps you are a contractor and looking to find out more about the market please don’t hesitate to contact me below.

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