The Right Lion Up

Aileen McCarney 20.04.2017

With the announcement of the Lions team this week it got me thinking about team work and how often the most unlikely team can come together to make a real difference.

In HR, as in many sectors of business, when the right team is in place it can be the key to success. To work collaboratively and to support one another is what most HR candidates seek, often looking for that mentor or colleague to learn and develop from. The idea of the Lions team really focuses on team members who are professional rivals, coming together and becoming one. This is inspiring and I think something that we can all look for and find.

For me team work plays a key part in a successful career. To feel part of a line-up that supports and encourages you as well as challenges and develops you, will not help you professionally but will help you personally also. 

I am lucky to be part of a very strong HR team here in Morgan McKinley, we work closely together, support one another and focus on our candidates and their careers. I am also part of a larger team here and my mentors come with a range of recruitment and life experience that develop and encourage me daily.

If you feel like you need to be a part of a stronger team and are considering a change in your career, contact me today for opportunities in HR. The market is booming at present, take a look at my open roles here.

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Director | Accounting & Finance | La Creme Office Support


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