Is regional recruitment in Ireland beginning to change?

April Fenton 21.10.2010

We are very up to speed with market sentiment and actual reality in our geographical areas. Each day, my team and I field high volumes of calls from candidates with a common theme:

Are we seeing a turnaround yet, is the market outside of Dublin and Cork beginning to improve?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes and no!
IT, finance and office support are still relatively slow compared to a couple of years ago. Both multinationals and small to medium-sized companies are driving this demand for manufacturing engineers, quality, validation, purchasing, logistics, product development and technical sales.
Historically, as market demand, production and export levels increase the other functional areas are sure to follow as pressure mounts in the shared services areas which support these functions. So please be patient and don’t lose heart. The tide should slowly be beginning to turn...
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