Recruitment Trends 2015

Bryan Hyland 16.06.2015

I read an interesting article recently which highlighted some of the recruitment trends in the UK.

Let me share some of the main findings;

  • 65% of those surveyed said they were passively seeking a new opportunity, with 40% quoting a better work life balance as the main reason they would consider changing jobs.
  • Interestingly, 76% of passive talent said they were satisfied in their current roles while 48% of active job seekers said they were satisfied in their current role.


So, nearly two-thirds of employees passively consider changing jobs, despite three-quarters of them being satisfied with their current role and employer…

I was somewhat alarmed when I saw those statistics. So asked; are the same trends applicable in Ireland ?

If so, what on earth are employers to do to retain talent, particularly when the employee is satisfied but also passively looking for new opportunities??

While the answer is somewhat obvious, it demands commitment, effort and consistency.

  • Have you mapped a career pathways for your employees or put simply, do your employees know your plans for them?
  • Are you fully engaged with your employees, do you remain in constant contact with open lines of communication, do you have regular meetings where they’re given the opportunity to discuss their role and career opportunities.
  • Do you communicate your company / department vision, do you share your plans and encourage employees to see what role they play in those plans.
  • Are your managers actively involved with their employees? Sometimes this is easier said than done when there are productivity, financial or other demands on managers. In addition, have your managers the right skills and training to support employees?
  • Do your employees know what’s expected of them, do they have a sense of achievement and worth?
  • Are your employees rewarded relevant to their experience, role and qualifications?


So in summary, while the statistics troubled me, in reality a lot of companies have excellent attraction AND retention policies in place which are ensuring they are retaining their top talent.

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